Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let me catch up on the last 6 months!

For Christmas we woke the kids up and opened presents, went to my mom's and had breakfast, came home an gave kids a nap, and my motherinlaw came over and did more gifts and I cooked a turkey dinner. It was fun, I know the kids had fun!

This is Wes shooting me with a nerf gun, fun fun, thanks mom!
This is Wes on xmas eve, ya he definitely looks too big for the binky! Of course they both stayed up late xmas eve!

Kambree is so funny she is 18 months now and is talking like crazy, and wants to do everything that Wes is doing!

Kambree stayed up late xmas eve too, naughty kids!

Our dog Hunnie that got a new bed for xmas

Our dog Rusty, they needed new beds because they shredded the last ones, lets hope that doesnt happen again!

Me and kids opening presents xmas eve

This was Halloween, Wes dressed up as Optimus Prime, but wouldnt wear the mask, he loves transformers!

I guess Kambree was a ballerina, I loved this tutu and thought she looked cute, wouldnt wear the cute headband tho

Wes loved his new race car bed, I found it on craigslist and also got Kambree a castle bed, in hopes that they would sleep better, has it worked? not really
This was at Freestone Park, I love that place, back in July. We were just playin and got some cute shots!

Wes is fearless and was climbin on rocks
Kambree is such a doll, but still attached to my hip, it's fun though, the 2 are starting to play together more.
Wes has been doing speech therapy and has started talking a lot better! Kambree is talking so much too, it's fun to hear the new things they learn! Wesley will be 3 in a month and Kambree is 1 1/2. Life is still crazy for us, but I am trying to enjoy every moment of it!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kambree's 1!!

So, I have not been good about keeping this updated. Kambree turned 1 on the 20th and we had a birthday party for her at my mom's house. I borrowed a big bouncer from a friend that the kids got to jump on, had a pinata, pizza, cake and ice cream. My sister inlaw made the cake that turned out awesome! It was a really cute catepillar made out of 4 cakes and we gave Kambree the head for her to dig in, which she definitely did! She got some really cute stuff!

The really cute and yummy cake my sister inlaw did!

She was so funny, she dug her hand all the way in the middle, grabbin handfuls and eating it. Trying to share it as well!

She was so cute and did pretty good opening the presents

My mother inlaw got this cozy coupe for Kambree, and she went crazy over it! She looks mellow in the picture, but she was screamin excitedly driving this

Wesley was scared of the bouncer, and clung on to me while I jumped, but Kambree thought it was fun and liked watching everyone bounce around!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Can I just say that my life has been crazy! I feel there is not enough time in the day to do everything. But I can say that I love my kiddos and love spending time with them! Kambree is 11 months and is walking, I still have to be right there in case she loses balance, but she loves to walk and smiles and giggles as she does so. It's so fun watching them learn! My work is pretty busy and with the side stuff that I do, my house seems to never get clean. So here I am it's almost 1 am and I just finished cleaning, woohoo! Just relaxin for a minute before catchin some zzzz's and then another crazy day starts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun Pics!!

This is their favorite! Wesley will lay down next to Kambree just so she'll climb up on him, and they both laugh hysterically! Funniest thing happened today, I guess Kambree is tired of Wes takin all of her toys from her, he reached in to grab a toy from her and she leaned in and chomped on his arm, hard. It left 2 little teeth bruises on his arm. She's figured out how to defend herself, it was so funny tho!

Me and Kambree at the zoo

Me and Wesley at the zoo

Robbie and Kambree on Easter

Wesley searchin for eggs on Easter

Kambree on Easter

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick Update

So, I've been slackin. Between the four of us we've been sick enough to last us the rest of the year. I've been really lucky that the kids don't get sick very often, but this last month it has been one thing after the other. They both got ear infections, which is a first for both, and have had the flu, and throat, cough, cold issues. So between breathing treatments and grouchy kids it's been fun! But I can say we are for the most part over the icky stuff. I still feel pretty lousy, I think it's sinuses, but as long as the kids are happy i'm good.

Easter was busy, I'll post pics soon, we went out to Robbie's grandma's house where his extended family was and had lunch and easter egg hunted. Then we went over to my mom's where we had dinner and easter egg hunted. The kids had a blast and had enought candy it was like halloween all over again.

I feel super crazy all the time, I'm working 4 days a week at my shop and feel like my house is in shambles all the time. Wesley's favorite thing to do is make a mess I think. I've just decided not to worry too much and just not have anybody over. Robbie is nuts, works 4 days at carquest and 7 days a week with a paper route, and he is starting school next week, plus watches the kiddos 4 nights a week, so kudos to him. That's it our lives are just working and playing with kids-my fav part!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am so excited that Wes is in preschool now. My sister has a montessori preschool at her house and she starts kids at 2. My sister is so awesome and has the best school! Wesley did great the first time, it's 2 days for 3 1/2 hours. He loves to be around other kids and I know he will learn a lot! The first day I only kept him there a couple hours and the second time I left him there the whole time and he fell asleep for the last half hour, so I will now pick him up to nap at home, he cannot go without his nap! It's great to drop him off, go home give Kambree a nap, and then run some errands with one child. It is a lot harder to do anything with 2 young kids, so I am so excited to have a few hours a week, thanks Kari you are awesome!!!

My Baby!

My baby is getting big and cracks me up all the time, she's so silly and will make funny sounds just to make you laugh at her. Kambree has such pretty light blue eyes, she's such a doll, and is so sweet! I can't believe it's been 8 months, she's so much fun to be around and has turned into a huge momma's girl, I don't know what I do to these kids to get them attached to my hip!